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About the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" flotation aids

Germany’s leading learn-to-swim tool is finally in Australia

Germany's leading learn-to-swim tool is now available in Australia. The patented SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is a range of inflatable swimming aids that can be used in children aged 3 months to 8 years. Unlike other ‘floaties’, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY places children in the perfect position for learning to swim and encourages a frog kick reflex that comes naturally to babies.

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" floatation aids by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY can be used from 3 months of age

Parents can lay the foundations for their child to have a life long positive relationship with water by introducing their babies to water from a young age. FREDS SWIM ACADEMY'S 3 stage learn-to-swim system will encourage children to develop the perfect swimming style and is tailored to different levels of swimming proficiency.

The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" “Classic” red by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY  is designed for children aged from 3 months (6kg) to 4 years (18kg) and safely secures the baby in the optimal position for learning to swim. SWIMTRAINER "Classic" red encourages the natural kicking reflex that babies are born with. Parents will be amazed to see that babies from 3 month of age can implement a perfect 'frog leg' kicking style when placed in the SWIMTRAINER "Classic". The frog kick reflex is normally lost when toddlers start to walk, however, the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” supports the child in retaining this reflex, so that it can be effectively put to use for breast stroke. 

The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" orange by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is used for children aged 2 years (15kg) to 6 years (30kg) and encourages learning correct coordination or arm and leg movements.

The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” yellow by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY is ideally suited for children aged 4 years (20kg) to 8 years (36kg) and allows for a methodical transition to independent swimming.


Safety is paramount

Drowning is a leading cause of death in Australian children aged under 4 years. The Royal Life Saving Society Australia recommends water familiarisation and awareness for toddlers as one of its 4 key drowning protection actions. The SWIMTRAINER “Classic” by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY can safely aid in familiarising Australian babies to water while helping them develop swimming strokes from a young age. All SWIMTRAINER "Classic" floatation aids by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY are certified to meet Australian Safety Standards and European Safety Standards and are phthalate free.


Regular swimming can boost the mental and physical development of children

Babies and children are in their element in water and regular pool time has both mental and physical benefits. Australian research has shown that babies that have regular and ongoing swimming practice reach developmental milestones (including literacy, numeracy and mathematical related milestones) earlier than other children who had not participated in swimming practice. Mastering swimming skills can also boost children's confidence which in turn promotes better mental health.

Regular swimming improves baby's physical development by strengthening the muscles, reducing postural deformities, strengthening the immune system and improving stamina, co-ordination and performance. Babies can experiment with a greater range of movement in water than they are able to on land. Moving gently backwards and forwards during baby swimming for example acts like a massage for the skin and at the same time supports the formation of nerve cells and the networking of brain areas which in turn promotes movement development on land. For children who have slow motor development, or premature babies, aquarobics is a playful and effective therapy. The water pressure not only has a positive effect on the skin, but also on the joints and muscles. Baby swimming also improves the sense of balance, promotes independence, increases learning and perception and supports growth in young children. 


Playing is the best form of learning

Children learn best when they feel safe and are having fun. Babies love the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" by FREDS SWIM ACADEMY because they are held in a safe and secure position and yet they can propel themselves forward independently while having their hands free to play. FREDS SWIM ACADEMY AUSTRALIA have produced a series of videos showing how you can introduce your children to the water while playing fun games and singing songs that kids will love.