Ten years ago, we took our babies on their first holiday and got talking to a German couple at the pool. We were amazed at how well their six month old baby could swim around in a bright red baby float. They told us that the SWIMTRAINER is commonly in swim schools in Germany.

They offered to share it with us and we couldn't believe our eyes when our 3 month old baby started kicking around the pool almost instantly. Our family had such fun with the SWIMTRAINER that holiday that I couldn't wait to get one of our own. When I realised they were not being sold in Australia I told my husband that we had to bring this amazing product to Aussie mums and dads (despite having no idea how we would achieve such a thing).

Fast forward a few months and I was learning how to build a website with my toddlers at my feet. Despite some early mistakes (we learned the hard way to underpromise and over deliver on shipping times - sheesh!) Aussie mums and dads responded as positively as I knew they would, and I still get a buzz every time I receive a testimonial from a happy customer or I see a baby having fun in the SWIMTRAINER at our local pool or beach.

We've learned a lot about learning to swim and we believe that the magic of the SWIMTRAINER lies in its ability to use play-based learning. Learning to swim should be fun and practice makes perfect. It's hard to practice if baby doesn't feel secure and confident in the water. If the SWIMTRAINER can give you and your baby a safe and joyful early introduction to the water, with lots of giggles and splashing and happy memories then we will have done our job.

The SWIMTRAINER "Classic"  was designed over 20 years ago by a swim instructor and is still used today in many swim schools. It places your baby in the correct swimming position from day one - the same position that you hold them in during swim lessons - allowing them to practice kicking every time baby is in the water.

Baby will love the freedom the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" gives her, but she will also be practicing her swimming strokes every time she is in the pool and building confidence and independence. The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is designed to encourage a "frog kick" reflex that comes naturally to babies - giving your little one a huge head start for swimming. 

Of-course, when you are talking about babies and water safety is paramount. Beware of fake or copied products that are shipped into Australia from overseas to avoid Australia's stringent safety regulations! We are an Australian family business and ship all SWIMTRAINERS from within Australia. As such, we are legally bound to comply with Australian safety standards. Our SWIMTRAINERS are independently tested by a leading international certification service (TUV SUD) to ensure they comply with Australian safety standards. As we are sold in over 50 countries around the world, we also conform to US and European safety standards, giving you extra peace of mind.

Our SWIMTRAINERS are flotation aids that are designed specifically for swimming practice. They place baby low in the water (while keeping their face above water) to allow baby to practice their swimming strokes. Baby will get splashed (yes, even in the face!) and they will feel their weight in the water - this is exactly what the product is designed to do! There are some great 'trainer seats' at Kmart and BigW if you're keen take your baby in the pool without them getting wet. But if you're keen to start early swimming, then the SWIMTRAINER is for you.

All swim products are designed for use when baby is kept within arms reach of a carer who is encouraging their baby on their mastery of swimming. This aid is not suitable for inattentive parents, instead, carers should be within arms reach at all times, splashing and giggling and enjoying seeing their baby develop a life long love of water.

But don't take our word for it. With tens of thousands of SWIMTRAINERS sold in Australia, you can check out our testimonials page to hear what Aussie swim instructors and Aussie mums and dads are saying about the SWIMTRAINER "Classic" or our Facebook reviews page for the same (do you know businesses can't delete or alter Facebook reviews - yes, if you scroll back far enough you too can relive the great Christmas delivery disaster of 2016. Everyone did receive them in time but it was very close, and I still have nightmares about it).

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Best wishes, Trish & Ben.